my return to academia – the history & polity of the christian church

16 09 2009

so this week begins (hopefully longer than just a semester) my return to academia. jay, rich, and i are all auditing a course at claremont school of theology for our licensing with our denomination – the christian church (disciples of Christ). the course that we must audit (or pay 6 times as much to take for credit) is “the history and polity of the christian church.” that makes you jump right out of bed and run to class, right? luckily (maybe) this is an online course for which there is much reading, many discussion board posts, and two projects. while yes i was working full time during my time at the university of tulsa pursuing my undergrad, my full time job currently seems a bit more demanding than my role in full time junior high ministry. managing my time is certainly going to be a fun project of its own.

our first task last week was simply to post a brief bio, our connection to the christian church (disciples of Christ) – or doc, what we hope to get out of the course, etc. upon reading everyone else’s bios, i really feel like a runt of the litter (and i’d guess rich & jay feel the same way, but i can’t speak for them). most of them are already seminary educated, some with their doctoral degrees, and long histories in the doc. my church – missiongathering christian church – has only been a part of the doc for 6 years, and i’ve only been familiar with them for 3 since i started attending. what i do know of them so far, i am very comfortable with…and it certainly is a good place for missiongathering.

i think that i will be posting my discussion board posts on here as well. i’d be interested to get people’s feedback, thoughts, etc. about my interpretation of this aspect of church history. plus the class is only 12 or 13 people. more brains the merrier! wish me luck!! ~aroll



One response

19 10 2009

I’m actually a fan of this type of class! I like learning the history of churches and religious movements. While my interest is scholarly, it’s also interesting to see how folks from within the religion themselves treat things.

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